About the Author and Founder

(Jon & Lisa Snyder, Justice, Briella, Joshua)

"Mighty Man Ministries profoundly impacts every life we touch because our lives have been profoundly touched by the love of God." Jon Snyder is the founder of Mighty Man Ministries, speaker and author of several books related to church life, ministry and growth. Jon is a family man, always hungry for more of the Lord and a dynamic Bible scholar and teacher. Whether spending time at home with his wife and three children or engaged in ministry, writing, and consulting, his schedule is always packed, but the thing that keeps him steady and grounded is focusing on the Rock who never shakes, the Lord Jesus Christ.

A teacher and scholar at heart, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Edinboro University and then with a 4.0 from Grace Institute of Biblical Studies. Today, he channels that zeal for learning and study into diverse theological and Biblical pursuits that come out dynamically in his straight-forward, revelatory writing and teaching style.

Whether ministering through prayer, counseling or teaching, Jon's highest ideal is to pursue the model of Jesus' ministry in John 5:19:  "the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner." When the Holy Spirit moves and illuminates the word to preach or the word that cuts to the heart, something truly amazing and miraculous always happens. It is that anointed word that comes from the overflow of relationship with the Father for which Jon lives. That is the word that will always bring a blessing to an individual or a church body.

Purity Ministry For Men:

Jon spent years battling against lust. After trying counseling and many of the books out there to no avail, the Lord finally led Jon on a journey to freedom that radically changed the way he viewed himself, God and God's love for him. The end result was a pathway to freedom that has formed the core values of Mighty Man Ministries: First restore the man to wholeness in Christ, THEN true, lasting "behavior modification" comes as a natural outflow.

Purity Ministry For Teens:

Jon regularly ministers on a variety of topics to the teens at his local church as well as at schools and when visiting other churches. "I have a passion to see this generation rise to their full destiny in Christ - to stand in the gap as a spiritual father and call them up to a full life."

One part of this teaching focuses on teen purity - as more than 98% of Christian teens are now sexually active before marriage. When Jon and Lisa made the decision to remain virgins until their wedding night, they only partly knew the extent to which they were setting themselves up for an amazing marriage! Jon gives profound revelations that will cause teens to develop a true value for their purity and sexuality. Believe it or not, virtually ALL "Christian" teaching on abstinence and purity is flawed - actually driving teens TOWARD promiscuity. Jon brings a fresh perspective that will be a blessing to teens and parents alike.

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